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Jokowi Won in the Polls before the Prime of Presidential Election's Debate 2019

18/01/2019 - 14:52 | Views: 11.63k
Indonesian President, Joko Widodo. (PHOTO: Special)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The Presidential election's debate was held on Thursday (17/1/2019) live on several Television, the results of the TIMES Indonesia's Research and Development team Polls (timesindonesia.co.id), the Jokowi-KH Ma ' ruf Amin pair won over the Prabowo-Sandi.

Well, since August 10 up to September 20, 2018, TIMES Indonesia's Research & Development (timesindonesia.co.id) held a poll of the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the presidential election 2019. From the poll results, it was known that Jokowi-KH.Ma'ruf Amin pair received 56.38 percent of the total votes. While for Prabowo-Sandi pair won 43.62 percent of the numbers that came from the citizens.

As for the total votes from the presidential and vice presidential candidates were 19.957 votes. For the Jokowi-KH Ma'ufuf pair was as many as 11.252 votes and for the Prabowo-Sandi pair was only 8.208 votes.

According to the Director of Research and Development of Timesindonesia(Timesindonesia.co.id)Munawir Aziz, polls issued by TIMES Indonesia (timesindonesia.co.id), are purely the choices the citizen, "Generally, the loyal readers of TIMES Indonesia (timesindonesia.co.id), the majority of readers are millennials," he said.

If seen from the results of the TIMESIndonesia  Reserach and Development poll (timesindonesia.co.id), the Jokowi-KH Ma'ruf pair is still superior to the Prabowo-Sandi pair. "It's the choice of citizen through polls," he said.

Furthermore, after the first Presidential and Vice-Presidential Election Debate, TIMESIndonesia’s Research & Development (timesindonesia.co.id), will again issue a Presidential and Vice-Presidential poll, which will begin on Thursday (17/01/2019).

The poll is to see the public response after the two candidates joining the Presidential and vice debate. "Are the public consistent with their initial choice, before the debate or the will change the choice or even they will be more confident for the initial choice," he explained.

The citizen can choose their choice between the two presidential and vice presidential candidates through the poll of Research and Development team of TIMES-Indonesia CLICK HERE. Follow the various polls issued. Both political polls and other social polls. The poll after the of the presidential election's debate 2019 firstly is only in TIMESIndonesia  (Timesindonesia.co.id). (*)

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