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Beware Dengue Has Struck Tuban

18/01/2019 - 15:29 | Views: 5.47k
The Head of Tuban Regional Hospital Syaiful Hadi visits some dengue patients. (PHOTO:Achmad Choirudin/TIMESIndonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, TUBAN – he dr. Koesma Tuban Regional Hospital got lots of dengue patients since early of January 2019. And most of them are children.

At least there are 35 patients have been taken cared by this hospital from the Dengue Hemorhagic Fever (DHF) since January 2019.
Photo caption: Tuban Dengue

From those 35 dengue patients, 24 of them got the Dengue Hemorhagic symptoms like fever and some rashes. And the rest of them just got some fever without rashes.

“Thanksfully, there are only two more patients left in the hospital. And both of them are children,” The Head of Tuban Regional Hospital said, Friday (18/01/2019).

He also explained that most of the patients are children. However, there are also some adults struck by this fever too.

“We also going to prepare some further steps in order to anticipate the urge of this disease,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kanipah the patient’s mother said that her child has been taken cared for almost two weeks in this hospital.

“He got a fever and vomiting alot at first,” she explained.

The Tuban Reginal Hospital had done such a good effort in dealing this situation. There are two more dengue patients left to be taken cared of since early of January. (*)

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