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Simple Activities that Could Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

17/06/2019 - 03:25 | Views: 18.93k
ILLUSTRATION – Walking up and down the stairs could decrease the risk of heart disease. (PHOTO: Womantalk.com)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTAHeart disease still becomes one of the biggest health problems that could lead to death. One of the main factors that could cause heart disease is lack of physical activity. Try to do some of these simple activities to decrease the risk of heart disease.

1.    Strolling

Taking a stroll could decrease the risk of heart disease. In fact, one-hour stroll could burn around 245 calories in our body.

If you are suffering from obesity, you could try this activity to lose some weight.

Obesity could increase the risk of heart disease. That’s why you can avoid obesity by walking regularly.

2. Walking up and down the stairs

Walking up and down the stairs could prevent you from getting heart disease.

A study in European Society of Cardiology shows that walking up and down the stairs regularly could decrease the risk of heart disease by 12 to 20%.

Do not forget to change your lifestyle, have a good diet, and get enough rest.

3. Gardening

One-hour gardening could burn 300 calories, which equals to swimming or cycling.

If you really love this kind of activity, your brain will release endorphin, the anti-stress hormone that could help decrease the free radicals inside the body.

Free radicals could give many negative impacts, such as weakening body immune system, damaging cells, and premature aging.

4. Standing while working

According to a study, too much sitting behind the desks could increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, even death.

To avoid this, you can use the standing desk to enable you to stand while working.

As a result, standing while working could stabilize the blood sugar level.

If your blood sugar level is stabilized, it will be easier for you to avoid the risk of diabetes and heart disease in the future.

Besides doing those activities, do not forget to have a healthy lifestyle, have a healthy diet, and get enough rest in order to avoid heart disease. (*)

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