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Three New Exotic Species Added to Jakarta Aquarium

21/06/2019 - 00:26 | Views: 13.93k
he Director of Jakarta Aquarium, Will Owens (middle one) together with Aaron Jup and D. Noviarini on the press conforence. (Picture by: Ivan Iskandaria/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTAJakarta Aquarium welcome their three new inhabitants on Wednesday, (19/6/2019). This family friendly tourism site surely will make your holiday be more exciting with their new exotic species as their collections.

The giant pacific octopus, giant isopod, leafy sea dragons will entertain you through your vacation. These species was intended to broaden the visitors' knowledge about the marine life.

"We hope that by these three exotic creatures, people will be aware of the marine life. And we also reminded them to not throwing their waste to the sea or river," Will Owens, the Director of Jakarta Aquarium said.

Meanwhile the curator of the Jakarta Aqurium Aron Jup said that all those species could not be taken to the aquarium directly because they need to be quarantined before they were released to the Aquarium.

He also hope that by these three exotic marine species at Jakarta Aquarium will make the visitors understand more about the marine life and love the marine species even more. (*)

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