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Are You a Single? Puncak Jomblo of Jombang will be a Perfect Place for You

19/01/2020 - 03:10 | Views: 20.99k
One interesting spot to selfie at Puncak Jomblo Jombang. (Picture by: Moh Ramli/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JOMBANGPuncak Jomblo which formerly just a mere bold spot without any attraction has been turned into a beautiful tourist destination in Jombang.

This place was merely just a normal hang out place for the local youth to spend their leisure time in the evening. The local youth then has an idea to turn this place into a tourism based place by adding several attraction such as selfie spots.

Located in Munggut, Cupak, Ngusikan, Jombang this place has now been crowded with people just to enjoy the scenery around or have some selfie and catch some beautiful moment with their camera.

"We actually haven't had any preparation to welcome more visitors. But, as we saw that there are more and more people visiting this place from day to day, we will try to make this place better," Wuliyono the Head of Local Youth Community said on Wednesday (15/1/2020).

Furthermore, you need to pay nothing to enter this area. The management only asked you to keep the area clean and not to litter anywhere. It's just that you need to walk about far to get to the top since there is no access for vehicles.

"We are planning to build another new attraction in Puncak Jomblo. And we can't wait for this place to become one enchanting tourist destination in Jombang," Wuliyono added.(*)

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