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Spring Festival Wouldn't be Complete Without Lion and Dragon Dance

22/01/2020 - 02:34 | Views: 26.36k
The lion and dragon dance. (Picture by: Achmad Choirudin/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, TUBAN – The lion and dragon dance has become a symbol of Chinese culture. And commonly it would be performed on Spring Festival or Chinese New Year.

This culture has even been adapted to the local culture. Even some lion and barong dance were not only merely danced by a Chinese but also local people. Like what Putra Ronggolawe Group of Tuban did.

Koesma the leader of the group said that normally he will receive some order to perform on a show from 15 to 20 times before the Chinese New Year begin.

Beside performing an a show, the guy also take some order to make a synthetic lion and dragon during the Spring Festival.

"The fare depends on the distance we must take. If it's only a short distance then we will ask for about IDR 3 M to IDR 5 M," Koesma said on Sunday (20/1/2020).

Meanwhile, he also said that if they needed to go to another area in long distance, he would charge them around IDR 7 M.

In addition, for a set of synthetic lion he will charge his customers for around IDR 2.5 M to IDR 3.5 M. And for the wool he will charge them around IDR 7 M to IDR 8 M.

For this occasion, his lion and dragon dance group must to practice everyday to give their best performance. Beside receiving some order on Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, the group also takes some order to perform on another occasion or party. (*)

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