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Wow, WhatsApp Releases the Dark Theme Feature

23/01/2020 - 19:43 | Views: 9.22k
The Dark Theme from WhatsApp. (PHOTO: Trentech.id)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Finally, the WhatsApp messenger application releases the dark theme feature which its users have been longing for. This new feature makes the WhatsApp background more comfortable to see. How to activate this new feature in the WhatsApp application?
According to the data from WABetaInf, the dark theme for WhatsApp is now available to download from the Google Play Beta, with the newest version of 2.20.13.

This is how you activate this new feature. The previous updates might already add the compatibility for this feature to your device, but the latest update which also contains the new bug fixes and the other fixes for the features is recommended, thus you need to install the newest update for your WhatsApp.

If you already updated the application but still cannot find this feature and don’t want to wait any longer, you can make a backup for your chat history and reinstall the application.

By reinstalling the application, the newest configuration from its server will be downloaded, which enables your device to get the new feature.

If you already reinstalled your WhatsApp and the dark theme feature is still not working, then you can only wait for the new update, because in the upcoming update the dark theme feature will be automatically applied. (*)

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