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Soto Kambing Pak Thosim Malang, Perfect Companion to Warm Your Shivering Body

27/02/2020 - 00:29 | Views: 30.38k
The delicious Soto Kambing Pak Thosim, Malang. (Photo: Emanuel Leto Ati/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – There is another food of Malang that is perfect for cold. It's the Soto Kambing (mutton soup) of Pak Thosim. This soup is a perfect mate to keep away you body from cold.

Located at Jalan Sasando, Kepuharjo, Karangploso, Malang Soto Kambing Pak Thosim will be opened daily from 08.00 to 21.00 local western time.

The food shop that has been established since 1990 has had so much customers either from the local area or outside of the town.

Back then, Soto Pak Kosim was the only food shop ever established in that area. But as the time goes, there are more food shop or cafe build in that place.

Most of modern mutton soup in Malang will be cooked over a modern stove. Yet, for soto Pak Thosim, they cook the soup on a conventional stove with ember as the main source of fire.

The smoke from the ember believed to give a marvelous aromatic soup that make the taste even more delicious.

"We have an affordable price, from IDR 12 K to IDR 15 K for the soto (mutton soup) and starting from IDR 3 K for the beverages," Imu Fatima, one of the employee at Soto Kambing Pak Thosim, Malang said on Tuesday (25/2/2020). (*)

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